Find out about our long and successful history.

Papel de Salto” is inaugurated, the first paper mill in Brazil and Latin America, in the city of Salto, countryside of São Paulo.

A new Expansion

Construction of a new building and a third paper machine (PM3)

Brazilian Banknote Paper

The Brazilian Central Bank and the Brazilian Mint (Casa da Moeda do Brasil) launch a tender to produce the Banknote Paper locally.

Arjomari associated in a joint venture with Papel Simão wins the tender against a consortium lead by Portals (Thomas De La Rue) and Papel Ripasa.

ArjoMari and Papel Simão acquire the Salto paper mill.

The PM2 is upgraded to the mould former technology, capable of making Banknote Paper and high Security Papers. This machine is still the only one in Latin America until day.

French expertise

Creation of the watermark manufacture: Arjomari transfer to Salto the technology and  know-how to produce in house its own mould and dandy rolls.

The First Banknote Paper

Casa da Moeda do Brasil (Brazil’s Mint) receives the first batch of entirely national Banknote Paper.

First Bank Note (currency bill) printed by Brazil’s Comptroller of the Currency, using Salto paper.

A new enhancement

Repair and retooling of paper PM1, allowing better quality in grammage, humidity, and in other characteristics referring to colorimetry.

Beginning of the production of base papers for plastic laminates (“Décor papers”).

Arjowiggins Group

Merger between Arjomari and Wiggins-Teape-Appleton to create the ArjoWiggins Group

VCP Votorantim

VCP Votorantim Papel e Celulose acquires Papel Simão.

Arjowiggins Security

ArjoWiggins acquires the Votorantim shares and owns 100% of Papel de Salto.

The Salto paper mill becomes part of ArjoWiggins Security.

KURZ Machine

Acquisition of a Kurz machine in order to apply holographic foils.

Enhancement in Banknote Paper and Security Papers

Many technology transfer and significant investments made by ArjoWiggins in PM2 over the years:

  • former added to the machine, allowing a better paper formation
  • new watermark technologies (electrotype, pixel watermark);
  • introduction of wide threads;
  • scanners and cameras added for on-line quality control;
  • extra capacity possibilities.
Italian Group acquires the Salto Paper Mill

Acquisition of Salto mill by Fedrigoni an Italian Group.  The plant has 98,000 square meters and preserves the architecture and setting from its foundation in the 19th century.

Enhancement in PM3

Substantial investment and technology transfer made by Fedrigoni in PM3. Increase of speed, productivity, competitivity and more capacity.

Watermark with new tecnologies

The watermark manufacture is up-graded, with new technologies and machines allowing a largely automated process.

Acquisition by a new

Acquisition of the Salto Paper Mill by a Brazilian group of investors.

Blendpaper - Rebrand from the Salto Paper Mill

Fedrigoni Brasil Papéis is rebranded to Blendpaper,  keeping the tradition and expertise, going back more than 130 years in history.

BP Security - Dedicated brand for Banknote Paper and Security Papers

Official start of the BP Security brand. Its name is exclusively dedicated to the production of banknote paper and security papers.

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