We always preserve security and confidentiality with our customers in all processes. Learn about our expertise. Below we list some of the products that use our security paper in their construction.

Banknote Paper

Banknote paper is a substrate with several security features and is produced with high technology. It usually contains cotton fiber, which makes it particularly resistant to wear and tear compared to ordinary paper.

Metal Discs

We manufacture discs to be turned into coins, with different alloys and coatings. We can offer a custom design for your organization’s needs.


Tax Stamp

A security stamp guarantees the authenticity of products and helps to prevent illicit trade, which reduces tax collection. For this reason, the use of stamps printed on security paper is recommended.
selo fiscal - BP Security

Official Certificates

BP Security has different approaches for each desired security level, with many certificates to present.
certificado - BP Security


Check are documents that hold and transfer funds. A check represents an instruction to transfer a certain sum of money from the drawer’s account to the payee’s account.
Cheque - BP Security


We are the only industry in Latin America who possesses the technology for combining fibers and embedding security threads, precision watermarks, and holographic stripes. BP Security guarantees the best mechanisms against counterfeiting and tampering with diplomas.


To prevent forgery and tampering, our paper contains high-security and customized elements.
passaporte detalhe - BP Security


A lottery ticket is a piece of printed paper that holds value for both bettors and payers.
Assurance against forgery and tampering is fundamental. BP Security has technology solutions that can be used on paper for lottery tickets.

loteria - BP Security
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