A new company such as BP Security has its eyes in the future. Thus, sustainability and environmental care are constant aims in our results.

For this, besides our own personal care in recycling and reuse in our production processes, we have all the environmental and quality certifications in our sector.



BP Security has several certifications, all of them in their latest version.
They are:

The ISO standards are responsible for generating guidelines for efficient management, and through them, it is possible to adapt to the current legislation both national and international besides creating a sustainable environment, which provides an appreciation of the products and services of the organization.

BP Security is also certified by the Institute for Forest and Agriculture Management (Imaflora), as an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody enterprise.

FSC® certification attests to the path taken to bring raw materials, processed materials, finished products, and co-products from the forest or from the point of recovery (in the case of recycled/recovered materials) to the consumer. It considers each stage of the processing, transformation, manufacturing, storage, and transportation so that the evolution to the next stage of the supply chain results in a change of ownership (independent possession and custody) of the materials or products. This attests to the use of only material (wood) originating from planted forests, which are FSC certified and from controlled and recycled origins, in the manufacture of its products, considered to be from Mixed Sources.

These certifications, in general, are opportunities to review, learn, correct course, and improve internal processes, which can bring several advantages to the company, its employees, and the internal and external environment.

We are in constant evolution, and we are committed to manufacturing our products in a sustainable way.

Thus, our certifications represent the commitment of BP Security to the whole chain, from raw material to our employees to our customers.

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